Funariaceae research group: Goffinet Lab

Phone: 860-486-5290
Address: Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
75 NorthEagleville road
University of Connecticut
Storrs CT
P: 860 486 5290
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The Funariaceae Research group

The Funariaceae compose a lineage of short-lived annual mosses well suited for exploring patterns and processes of the diversification of mosses. It has long provide model systems for the study of development, genetics and reproduction in mosses. Our research has focused on the systematics of the family, in an effort to resolve the delineation of the genera, understand the polarity in sporophytic transformation, and the origin of the model taxon Physcomitrella patens. We also studied several Funariaceae to explore the development and role of the calyptra. Currently we are using Physcomitrium pyriforme as a model to explore the evolutionary implications of autopolyploidy in mosses.