Participating in project

As part of the project “Diversity of Physcomitrium pyriforme in North America and Europe: significance of autopolyploidy within a phylogenomic and experimental framework” (Collaborators: Matthew Johnson (Texas Tech. University) and Rafael Medina (Augustana College, IL)). we aim at including samples of Physcomitrium from throughout North America, including Mexico, and from Eurasia. Considering the wide distribution of the genus, relative short life, and somewhat unpredictable phenology, we invite bryologists to contribute specimens. If you wish to participate in this project and provide samples from throughout your geographic area, we invite you to submit your name and contact info.

Participants who contribute critical specimens to the development of specific aspects of the study will be invited to join authorship of manuscripts and contribute to the intellectual merits of the study. If you have any questions, please e-mailĀ Bernard Goffinet.

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